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Y’all know that look ye blessed disciples
I swear my disciple, smoking this bong is not sacrilegious. Besides how can you say no to the lamb of ganj? :)
Lamb of ganj gets trill sometimes too 
Which one of ye humble disciples tryin to roast with the lamb of ganj? :)
Took dis selfie with my bong buddy Krishna <3
Thy holiest hour for ye disciples :)
The power of ChristKush compels you!

carsothm asked: Don't stop with the posts man, they're dope af 👏

I will not my humble disciple! I spent a little time out in the desert smoketh thy holy plant, take some peyote and reconnect with thy heavenly father. May the heavens praise and bless carsothm, i annoint thee with thy heavenly hash oil! 

Moses was such a stoner noob ye disciples